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Global Technology Sphere

During the last few years disruptive changes are altering the global tech-startup landscape. VC's that have multiplied over the past years are now consolidating, Angels and private investors are emerging, and many employees are becoming entrepreneurs, as large corporations are downsizing. Less capital is required to build even sophisticated products, time-to-market diminishes, making bootstrapping very much feasible again. More customers are now accessible through online platforms and startup teams see 'time' as their constrained resource.

More advanced entrepreneurial ecosystems, such as Silicon Valley, are evolving creating the prerequisites for growth in many industries, and in the process, opportunities for successful startups in other parts of the world emerge. Traditional hard-core tech such as semiconductors and electronics give way to other sectors such as life sciences and green-tech, social media takes the front stage, and software development becomes a sophisticated 'craft'.

Rapid prototyping, both in software and in hardware with 3D printing, along with the ability to make products and introduce features with fast cycle-times create a very competitive environment, offering nimble startup teams ample of opportunity to experiment, innovate, differentiate and thrive. Positioning and fine-tuning of products and services to match customer needs becomes a delicate balancing act, guided by metrics and information carefully drawn through customer interactions. Great opportunities may be within reach and pivoting in smart ways can bring hockey-stick revenue growth for a fraction of the cost!

In the current economic environment, entrepreneurship emerges as prime potential contributor for creating sustainable long-term economic growth.

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